Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thierry Mugler the Devil

It's that time of the day when I crave something either sweet or salty! My co-workers & I dig thru our drawers to see what kind of munchies food we have 'lying' around. Today I've decided not to indulge myself in some sweet snack from the vending machine, I'm drooling over this recipe for Devil Cakes with peanut-butter & white chocolate mousse. Inspired by Thierry Mugler's Angel perfume the name says it all, Devil. I can't recall a day in grade school that I didn't dowse myself in Angel perfume, and for those of you who wore or know someone that wore Angel it's a smell you're surely to recall.
I can only imagine what these little cakes smell like, because oh boy do they look yummy! I think I am going to have to test out my Cupcake baking pan that I raved about last week.

You can find more recipes like these on Macy's website Frangrance Inspired Recipes. Trust me it will leave you drooling for days!

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C said...

I'm drooling!