Thursday, April 9, 2009

American Girl

I went against my usual house of style, typically I am not you’re a&f , Hollister or American Eagle girl. Something about these stores usually just screams teenager to me. But after browsing their website I must own up that this season the looks aren't that bad! & the amazingly affordable prices makes it wearable for everyone. I might just be adding some AE to my wardrobe this weekend.

1. AE Boyfriend Chino, $44.50
2. AE Gold Cuff $12.50 (Buy One Get One 50% Off!)
3. AE Pleated Summer Skirt, $39.50
4. AE Satin Cami, $24.50 (Buy One Get One 50% Off!)
5. AE Sunrise Sandal $29.50
6. AE Strapless Print Dress, $44.50
Free Shipping on $100+ orders!

1 comment:

The Dark Bohemiian said...

the skirt is awesome !!!