Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Little Miss Cupcake

Even though it's been several years since the cupcake craze hit, they're still the new black of desserts—cakes, I assume, being the original black.
This Silicone Pampered Chef pan makes 12 cupcakes in rose, daisy and sunflower designs. Great for ice cream and gelatin molds, too! Yes I got one from my party and I totally obsessed with it! (Check out Jen's website for order information)So it's no guess that I love this Three-Tier Cupcake Stand ($30), exclusively from Crate & Barrel. The lacquered steel stand boasts three tiers (duh) of looped cups to hold two dozen cupcakes without mussing their frosting. Bonus: Should cupcakes ever head back to their roots (read: children's birthday parties), this stand is also an elegant way to serve muffins at your first next classy brunch!

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