Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dutzi Handbag & Meeting Ariane Dutzi

I have a new light lately when it comes to my purchases, if possible I buy 'green'. And although the perfect tote is hard to come by, I was lucky in finding an organic burlap tote.

When I came across Dutzi—a line of light-weight, ready-for-anything totes, I had to know who the OZ-like person was that finally figured out how to get accessory essential numero uno 100% right. It just so happens that she has an amazing story, so I had her indulge me with a little show-n-tell:

Designer, Ariane Dutzi, hires Mayan craftswomen from the Yucatan to craft the bags. "The bags are all handmade by Indigenous people, mainly women, here in the Yucatan. Not only I wanted to design beautiful bags with recycled material, but I also want to make a difference by giving Mayan women to opportunity to make money by respecting their traditions and skills. I didn't want to make or design just another bag. I am convinced that fashion too can make a difference. Respect for our environment and respect for people. Giving these women jobs allows them to provide for their kids, give them an education and give these women some independence."

Hoping to get to know Ariane a little better, I had her fill out some fashion fill-in-the-blanks!

First thing I do when I wake up is, to drink a cup of very strong, black coffee.
My favorite spot in my house is my bed.
Growing up my nickname was...didn’t have one, but got one much later which is Ari.
My comfort food is mashed potatoes and meatloaf.
I feel my best when I walk on the beach at sunset.

My biggest splurge: inviting my friends to a very good dinner and/or buying myself nice shoes. My cheapest find: the antique furniture for my house.
Color I wear the most white.
When I am sick I, want be left alone, but please bring me some chicken soup!!
My first job was a fashion editor for German magazines.
I am originally from Germany, but lived in Paris and New York, before I moved to the Yucatan in Mexico, where I live now.
I have my memories forever.
My closet is full of clothes.
Life and my Jack Russells make me smile always.

The last book I read was Pride and Prejudice, the best book Faust.
Underwear? Yes, only French lingerie…
Ideal dinner party guests : my closest friends who know me well. Sometimes too well. But this way we have the most fun.
Birthday (no year required) November 29th.
Best vacation spot Tulum, Mexico in the winter and the Mediterranean in the summer : Italy, France, Spain, and Greece… you name it.
Shoe size: 38
Best color combo; I love color, therefore I have many color combinations I like: Orange and yellow, blue and yellow, pink and red, pink and white, blue and green … just look at the colors of the straps I use for my bags and you know exactly what I mean.
Favorite piece of jewelry: my amber necklace.
Sweet or salty? Salty

Coffee from: Illy coffee, nice strong espresso
Biggest fashion icons: Vivienne Westwood and Audrey Hepburn
My inspiration comes from the countryside of France, the elegance of Paris, the portability for urban New York, the colors of Mexico and the German engineering.
Summer or winter? Summer
My desk drawer is full of papers, pens, keys, sunglasses, letters, dictionaries, …
I can’t leave home without taking my dogs with me.
There is always a lipstick in my purse.
Always have fun and love in your life. Never curse.

You can also choose from raffia bags, felt and even lace. The lace bags are pricier, however, because it takes a craftswoman more than a week to create. The bags cost from $60 on up. For more information, check out her Website or email Ariane Dutzi at


Anonymous said...

They are WONDERFUL!!! I am a lucky owner or two and want more mmore more!!!! They are light and spacious and the raffia ones are great for the beach because they can hold wet stuff or get wet! And theya re reasonably you can have more than one..get a neutral one with a brown stap and a funmore colorgful one..thats what I did!!

Anonymous said...

I am a stylist in NYC and i have two bags...OBSESSED!!!!....for my job I travel all the time and my life in NY is pretty busy....the bags fit into both an urban and beach life!! These bags are such a great investment....and are truely so well crafted with such a great idea behind them.....LOVE LOVE LOVE....

pimprenelle said...

These bags are so perfect!!! Love the "organic chic" feel...

Anonymous said...

these are awesome! love them

Angela Cappetta said...

I have one as well. LOVE IT. I am making room in my closet for another one soon.