Monday, March 16, 2009

Longggg weekend

Usually I leap at the thought of a long weekend! Three days off perfect for a mini vacation. Well not this past weekend I have been dealing with my wisdom teeth. Honestly the worst pain in my life. Hopefully, they are coming out soon.

But in honor of my long weekend… I have to say I love these long maxi dresses! (No you do not have to be tall to wear this look) These are my top picks for the long dress boho look. Just add sandals, or wedge heels and you're set. Chunky bangles or bold earrings wouldn’t look bad either. & they are very affordable for any budget so you can buy many different styles!

Old Navy $34.50

Forever21, $22.80

Arden B, $78

Makes me want to hop on a plane and fly south to Mexico for the rest of the week! Wheres my margarita?


Mary M. said...

i've already bought like three of these at forever21, it might be my favorite thing to wear...besides super short versions of course.

Ash said...

great dresses - id wear them all.

caite said...

I'm going to forever21 - hope they have the dress!