Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Iron No More?

If you're like me, you HATE to iron. It's why I'm always very good about hanging up my clothes after the wash and always try to buy no-iron clothes. I'll do anything to get out of ironing, too, including begging my boyfriend to do it for me, paying for dry cleaning just so I don't have to iron and trying to pass off wrinkled as part of my look. (Don't burst my bubble.)

 So I was super excited to try the new Swash Smooth It Out from Tide that promises to remove wrinkles in minutes, no-iron required. You simply lay your blouse, slacks or skirt flat on a bed, spray, then manually press out the wrinkles. Let it dry for five minutes, then your clothes are magically wrinkle free.

I found it to work pretty well. I should fess up that even when I try, I never can iron a blouse with military precision. So I wish the drying time were less. I can't function pre-shower, and it doesn't take me more than five minutes to put my makeup on on an average day!

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Scientific Housewife said...

This sounds interesting and might let me sleep later considering I wake up early to iron my husbands clothes!