Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A weekend couch-side

So while I would of opted to have been doing anything besides keeping my couch warm this weekend, I am sad to say that was pretty much it. After my lovely trip to the dentist on Friday I visited no place besides my bed, couch and shower for 3 days. It is weekends like this that you really just want to cuddle up on the couch with applesauce (yes, my food of choice for the weekend) and a cozy sweater. Presenting: the perfect transitional layer, this Light Grey Pin Sweater. ($52) The variegated-pattern open knit is soft and airy, but the asymmetrical shawl collar can be flipped up for extra warmth when cool breezes strike (or freezing couches). And, c'mon... it's just really cute. (Can't we ever like something just because it's beautiful?)

1 comment:

Blicious said...

love this sweater! awww you poor thing. i hope you are feeling better love!