Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside.

(Coat; bebe - Scarf & Hat; anthropologie - Sunnies; marc jacobs)

Being from Florida, as most of you know - a coat and scarf ensemble is definitely out of my comfort zone. To us 'true' Floridians anything below 60° calls for a sweater & long pants without thought. During my travels in Toronto this past weekend I experienced -2° (Celsius that is) weather for the first time in what I consider awhile (over a year). With that being said I spent ninety-five percent of my trip layered up in sweaters, coat, scarves & hats. 
I realized how vital good socks are, its not easy to text with leather gloves on & most importantly ALWAYS wear Chap Stick. 

(Boots; Aldo)


Mary Margaret said...

love that coat!! it needs to be cold just so that you can wear it more often!

Feather Report said...

It's fun to go to a climate you're not accustomed to, isn't it? And then you're ready to return. Kind of like how right now I'd love to be on a beach and not in frigid weather. I had my toes painted pink the other day and would love some tan feet to go along with them!!