Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ready for Fall

Living in South Florida I am not too familiar with the Fall Season. Granit it does get cool along the beach coast, the idea of roasted corn & apple cider is pretty much Greek to me. So on a recent trip to New York & thanks to some wonderful friends I was able to enjoy a little bit of this Fall season.

Roasted corn dipped in butter... why haven't I had this before? Amazing!

This lavender smelled wonderful.

These are homemade jams everything from Apple to Mango, Blackberry to Butternut. Yum!
Although I love the summer, Fall is close second.


Fashion Chalet said...

I love mango, strawberry and grape. But always up for something new =) yum.

We definitely need to have some Desperate Housewives chats. <3


Blicious said...

great pics!! im so ready for Fall! cooler weather, yay!!


Angie said...

Love your beautiful ny pics! omg fall is my favorite time of the year hands down :) love the oranges and deep colors!! mmmm corn!! sounds yum!!