Wednesday, October 14, 2009

beach body Scrub

Every now and again our skin needs a rest between the primer, foundation, blush & bronzer our skin can't breathe. During the summer it’s the norm for us to spend days without makeup. Maybe just a dab of gloss here & little mascara there, but that is usually the max of it. Now with cooler weather around the corner we tend to stock pile on the make up. I came across this amazing product that I decided I can't live another Fall/Winter without.

Called beach body scrub (happens to smells exactly like the ocean side, ha) Contains Orange Peel and Pumice to gently, yet effectively, help remove rough surface skin. Shea Butter and nourishing essential oils infuse skin with moisture. beach Body Scrub leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. (7.3 oz./ 200ml $35.00)

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an old fashioned girl said...

ooooh that sounds delightful!!