Monday, October 26, 2009

Cords & Colors

The must-have pant of the season: cords and colors. These are especially cool with a lean, flattering fit. From punchy vintage shades to easy neutral tones you can easily wear them day or night.

Not sure if you can pull off wearing brightly colored pants? Sure you can! Pair them with a top in a complementary color - and then fill out the rest of the outfit with neutrals. That way, you build the outfit around the pants and work them seamlessly into your look.

1. Start with a pair of brightly colored pants. We chose a pair of mustard cords to build the look around.
2. Choose a top in a complementary color. This lace trim camisole in dusty blue pairs beautifully with the mustard cords.3. Finish off the outfit with neutral pieces and accessories: a cream colored turtleneck cardigan (which also adds texture), and a buckled handbag and flat boots in shades of brown.
Check out these great cords from the Gap

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