Monday, July 13, 2009


I am a wine lover. Nothing is more than relaxing than a glass of wine after a long day at work. Saturday night some great friends invited me out to a wine bar in Coral Springs, called Vino De Santis. It was heaven, honestly. These pictures aren't great since they were taken from my camera phone but I'll be sure to post more when I can.
So many choices, I didn't know where to start! How the tasting works, you start by purchasing a De Santis card at the register. From there you find the wine you'd like to taste. (Look at the cool machines below) You insert your card into the machine, and similar to credits it removes the funds from your card each time you try a different wine. You can taste 1oz or 2oz. If you enjoy it, you can opt for a 4oz glass. It pours directly out of the machine, which keeps the wine at perfect temperature - into your glass.

These are the wine tasting machines "they are like vending machines for big kids" is how Cathy & I could best explain it. I need one for my house.


Jenny said...

that's really cool. i wish someone would open a place like that up here!

Anonymous said...

this looks so cool.