Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kind of funny..

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I recently joined Pilates for a class that meets 4 times a week. So far I am loving it! (Although I just started April 1st) It's at my local gym and the classes are late enough that I can attend during the week after work. Which is usually hard to find with my crazy schedule. So my routine lately has been leaving work, go home - change, head to the gym, come home, shower & then dinner time.

My boyfriend finds it so funny that I bought clothes specifically to work out in. Just like Lycra yoga pants, sports bras and cami's - nothing crazy. Expect they might match... Shhh! Anyhow I tried to explain to him that I'm not crazy and some women do buy clothes solely for working out. For me it's my motivation, if I keep up with the program I'll get a new outfit! Which then I'll want to wear to the gym because it's new. See how my mind works? Well then I read this article on glamour.com, umm.

So now I must ask my darling readers - what do you wear to the gym?

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