Monday, March 23, 2009

True Fashion never dies

Saturday started out as a depressing day in Sunny South Florida. I was planning on taking the boy to a Red Sox/ Marlins Spring Training but due to the rain our plans we’re cancelled.

So instead I went home curled up in bed and found Breakfast at Tiffany’s on TV. I realized how ahead of her time Audrey Hepburn in style truly was. Wearing classy black dresses, dark colors, flats, and big sunglasses are now part of almost every girl’s wardrobe.
Givenchy once stated “She knew exactly what she wanted. She knew perfectly her visage and her body, their fine points and their faults” which is incredibly important to every woman.
And oh the accessories, Audrey Hepburn accessorizing was nothing less than perfect; taking the simplest outfits and making them nothing but fabulous. Over sized sunglasses and pearls, elbow length gloves are some of the classy accessories that Audrey had adopted. Don’t forget the headbands and hats that she adorned.

To get Audrey Hepburn’s look I’ve found some great classics.


Anonymous said...

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The Shopaholic said...

Alala ! Une l├ęgende cette Audrey. j'avais fait un article sur elle il y a pas mal de temps.
Tellement classe cette femme !

The Dark Bohemiian said...

this girl was so cute !!!