Thursday, March 5, 2009

if the shoe fits

There is nothing wrong with investing in a beautiful pair of heels. I actually recommend it for when you're having a rough day - retail therapy is best I believe. With so many comments on my previous post about my shoe find, I figured why not give you another?
These Miu Miu booties are not only adorable but instantly put a smile on my face, although the price tag is wallet unfriendly I still lusted after these for sometime. Then I came across Guess Yerex. Practically identical and literally 90% off. How can you not buy these with no thought involved - mine are on the way!
(top: Miu Miu 'Naplak Patch' booties $625 SALE $500 /
bottom: Guess Yerex $69 SALE $52)

1 comment:

Couture Carrie said...

So gorgeous!! Just saw Fellow Fashionista Cupcakes and Cashmere wearing those!