Thursday, February 5, 2009

Premier: He's Just Not That Into You

Tomorrow night is the release of the movie He’s Just Not That Into You, of course my friends & I are already have our dinner and movie plans scheduled. I read the book a while back and fell in love with it. After seeing the pictures of the all star cast from the red carpet premier earlier this week I can hardly wait now to see the movie! With such a glamorous cast I can’t imagine the pressure these five ladies went though. Although 3 of them share the same name, one who’s appeared in a Balenciaga ad campaign & with an insane body we couldn’t get enough of on the cover of GQ each of them carried her own style and I loved it!
Drew Barrymore was wearing a girl’s best accessory, a smile from ear to ear. I don’t think there was one picture of her without a smile. This flirty little party dress takes 10 years off of our smiling CoverGirl.

I am in LOVE I tell you with Ginnifer Goodwin’s look. The bright colored Curry dress, along with a gorgeous statement necklace & clutch was just enough flirt & class. Good Job Ginnifer!

Next is the ever beautiful, Scarlett Johnasson. This bold floral Oscar De La Renta print is perfect for the season and any red carpet affair. I think she might have been carried away by the straightener – her hair seems a little too flat. No?

Miss Jennifer Aniston graced the red carpet in a Burberry suit. Classic and sophisticated we can appreciate that. The gold chain necklace was the perfect touch.

Last but not least was Jennifer Connelly in a flawless green Balmain mini dress. It complimented her hair and pale skin perfectly. I have to declare thou it’s her shoe’s that are making me smile.

So whose look did you love? Are you going to see the movie?

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Mary M. said...

i loooove jennifer's shoes, i'm on the hunt for some knockoffs right now, but ginnifer's look tops them all in my book. it was total perfection.