Friday, February 13, 2009

Bye Bye Bye...

While everyone in the fashion world is headed to NY this week. I am going on a new venture with the boy. As we all know I’m not a huge admirer of the holiday this weekend, so I opted to surprise him and take him to the Daytona 500. Yes, me at the Daytona 500. I know it’s shocking. At first I must admit I had to think what am I getting myself into, but as time passes I have gotten more excited about the event. So last night I spent most of the evening packing and then took a delightful little trip the mall to pick up some last minute essentials. Forever 21 was my safe haven last night, look what I found! (so cheap too)

A cowboy hat is much needed for this event. And how cute with the adorned feathers.
Leather bracelets these are cute, simple & girly. I think I can pull it off.
Of course my boots I purchased last weekend will be attending this trip as well. I must admit this summer country chic style has me pretty excited. I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures on my return! Daytona, here I come! (…yikes!)


Terence Sambo said...

well u seem pretty prepared for the trip do have fun n be careful, cnt be too careul these days :o) n i'm not paranoid.. well maybe , i just saw the movie taken yesterday...i'm sure u can understand dat if u've seen it :o)

Do drop by my blog n show some love got a gr8 interview u'll not wanna miss :o)

Leitia said...

that hat is adorable. can't wait to see your pictures when you get back. have a wonderful trip!