Thursday, February 12, 2009

Something old, Something new

This past Saturday, I started out early, 7:45AM to be exact. I had all the right materials for my vintage shopping trip: my small cross-body bag, comfy leggings, juicy flats, my new fedora and a list of what I wanted to find. I ended up spending much less than I anticipated, which is a rarity for me. But I found some wonderful little delights that I just couldn't resist.

This elegant chain evening bag was just too darling.

These boots were defiantly made for walking, and that is just what I'll be doing this weekend in Daytona. I couldn't resist!

This was my find of the day. Usually I am hesitant purchase any designer items from these shoppes but this vintage Fendi was in amazing condition - I couldn't leave it behind.

I also managed to find a couple bangle bracelets and a cute silver coin purse. The pictures didn't come out thou. But I was very pleased with my purchases & can't wait to return :)


Kate said...

great boots!

Mary M. said...

i love the boots!

Jenny said...

where did you find this stuff? I need to make a trip down to c. madeleines soon...

theKcloset said...

I actually find most of it at yard sales & flea markets. I know a couple really good places in town :)

you'll have to come sometime!