Friday, January 23, 2009

OPI in Sobe?! Get Out

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the fall & winter seasons we have in South Florida. Not so much for the cold weather (anything below 60 – I freeze) but mostly for the change in fashion. Also, the hot chocolate, dark nail polish, and smoky eyes help.

But I must admit I am counting the days until I can break out sundresses, bathing suits, shorts and pool-side cocktails. Summer can’t arrive soon enough!

Then I saw OPI's new spring 2009 collection South Beach. Now it’s even more of an urge for Spring & Summer to be around the corner. And South Beach for the collection name - ah I die!

My personal picks are Overexposed in South Beach, OPI on Collins Ave and Done Out In Deco.

Release date: 02/04/09


Leitia R said...

Great post Krys, see you in NY?

Natalia said...

bella, I love this polish. Can you mail me some?