Tuesday, October 7, 2008

its flat

If you've ever met me or know anything about me, you know I am not one for flats. I am def a stilettos kind of gal. Around the end of summer, something or someone said to me flats. Now for most this isn't a huge deal. Usually, it's a good thing for one to hear they can wear flats for the day. Not me, I panic. I'm only 5'3" for starters so any extra boost I can get - I take.
Next, all my pants are fitted for 3in heals. I live in 3"-5" inch heals daily. So this was a pretty large adjustment. I have to admit I am truly in love with these Juicy Couture Gold ballet flats. I have worn them with everything skirts, jeans, pants - you name it. I get complements on them every time!
You might have to shake your piggy bank for them ($255) but I promise your little piggies won't hurt!

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