Friday, October 3, 2008

FENDI Glasses And He Who Rocks Them

Good afternoon boys and girls. Today we are going to talk about an accessory that I can not go without, my glasses. Now unfortunately most people consider glasses something needed just to see better, and give no thought to how they look. Then there are the enlightened few like myself that realize its not what you wear but how well you wear it. As you get to know me you'll realize I'm certainly not the quiet shy type and neither is my fashion style. So when I went shopping for the umpteenth time this particular weekend I wanted to stand out. What better way to do this with glasses then BIG & RED. When I first laid eyes on this FENDI fashion accessory  they were actually sunglasses. I don't know about any of you, but I don't think until I started rocking them I ever saw anyone in red glasses. Sunglasses yes but prescription nope. So I decided to tell them to yank the dark lenses out and put scripts in them. Now since we are in Florida and I frequent the beach I figured I need the best of both worlds can we say transitional lenses. Gotta love the red F's in the frame also. So next time you go shopping for glasses take a lesson from me. Stand out and look good doing it. Up next a lesson in denim

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