Monday, September 22, 2008

It’s introduction time.

Have you met Mario Badescu? Because you really need to. I know what you’re thinking—the website’s a little ropey-looking, huh?—but trust me when I tell you that this man will change your life. (Well, ahem, this man’s products will change your life.)
I was first introduced to Mario Badescu a little over 6 months ago when browsing on the internet one day. Free Sample when you fill out a skin review. So of course, me always being up for something new had to test it out! I filled out the survey, and a week later, a bag of Mario Badescu samples came in the mail: they’d been chosen especially for me and they were utterly and entirely free. I used them for a week, fell in love with them promptly went back to the Mario Badescu website to order in full-size. Yep, they were that good.

So without further ado, I hereby present the Skincare Products I Urge You to Try with the Hope That You Love Them As Much As I Do. Please note that all of these products last forever.

Orange Cleansing Soap, $12: This is a gentle cleanser for everyday use, and I’ve found that it removes makeup, foams up nicely, leaves my face feeling soft and not at all dry, and even smells fairly pleasant. Great for all skin types.

Buttermilk Moisturizer, $18: I also use this cream every day—well, every day & night, obviously, right after I’ve washed my face. It’s light and not at all greasy or heavy, and I wake up with a face that looks and feels really moisturized.

Strawberry Face Scrub, $15: Once a week, I wash my face with this instead of the Orange Cleansing Gel. It’s kind of like having a mini facial! Or maybe a mini-dose of microdermabrasion. Either way, it seems to brighten and soothe my skin. Beware: you only need a teeny-tiny dot! As such, this bottle will likely last you into 2012!

4. Drying Lotion, $17: This stuff is my roommate & my secret weapon. Look up the word "miracle" in the dictionary and you’ll see a bottle of this: honestly, it’s a little scary how well it works. If you get the occasional zit—and who doesn’t? Just dab a little of this on the offending spot, go to bed (you can’t wear it in public!), and you’ll wake up the next morning to blemish-free skin. Swear by this product.

So there you go: those are the four skincare products I swear by, and the line I’ve come to really love. It might not be fancy, but the prices aren’t too bad, the bottles last a long time, and most importantly, the stuff all works. Enjoy! It is also now available at Nordstroms.

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