Monday, September 22, 2008

down undies!

I think I may just have a new favorite vendor for underwear.....GILLY HICKS Sydney! It's actually a spin-off of Abercrombie, but all undies, bras & some lounge-wear. I received a couple pairs for my birthday from a friend who recently visited there new store in Aventura, Florida.

I have to say they are simply amazing! So soft and they fit perfect. “They melt to your ass”, as Caitlin put it! I’ve also heard the store is a pretty fun venture as well, I think Ill be taking a trip very soon!

“At the front door, you are greeted by cute employees decked out in some COMFY looking loungewear with the Gilly Hicks logo all over it. Inside, it's dim & dark, with dark wood floors. The place is constantly being "misted" by some form of aroma-therapy, but subtle. As you wander from room to room, there are cute, simple tables & wall displays of undies, undies & more undies, sprinkled with a few tanks, camisoles, shorts, T's, lounge pants & hoodies. The prices are not as bad as I would have expected, either, but not cheap. (Average $11.50 per pair) The fitting rooms have dressers inside them (as in furniture dressers) filled with all the popular bras in all sizes so you can try them all on without having to run out repeatedly to get other sizes or styles.” Genius idea!

It sounds like being in a fun-house of underwear! I highly recommend at least touring the store, but I dare you to walk out without buying SOMETHING. :) Thanks Jana!!

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