Monday, August 11, 2008

Open your eyes!

Good Monday morning!
I thought I would start off your week with some makeup info and an update. First, let's talk about fall colors; this fall, color is warm, rich, and even golden. The one thing I absolutely LOVE about the fall color palette is the rich berry lipstick shades! If you notice, there are not many new lip gloss shades in the fashion magazines, so get ready to retire most of your summer glosses and grab a lip stain and a new lipstick color. I've reviewed some of the fall color lines, so if you haven't had time to look at them yet, check them out!

Speaking of fall collections, I got an update from MAC on their Autumn Winter Trends collection. The fabulous collections include Artsy, De-Vine, Glamodrama, Honed & Seventease which I completely fell in love with! From their De-Vine collections comes a new lipstick shade, Lovelorn. A clean mid tone blue pink, amazing for autumn!

If you absolutely love their other items you may want to get ready to check out their new eye shadows too!

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