Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy News!

I received some very exciting news on Friday - which I have been dying to share with you all! While I am not blogging or reading fashion magazine, I work for a healthcare company for the past two years. In this time I learned so much in regards to the medical field, doctors, etc. I am happy to say that while working hard and having my good & bad days I was given a PROMOTION!

In order to learn my new position to the best of my ability - I have decided to take this week off from the blog.

I will try to post here & there if possible.
I am very excited about my new venture.

Remember: Hard work pays off


Blicious said...

Congrats love!! Goodluck with the new job! how exciting!!

Mary Margaret said...

CONGRATS! That's so exciting!

an old fashioned girl said...