Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shoe Deja Vu

A slight obsession over the past week in regards to boots has turned me into a boot browsing queen. As much as I love one boot to the next, I must acknowledge my closet isn’t crammed full of the latest Uggs.

Alexander McQueen’s ‘Pelle’ ankle boots were a huge hit after the Fall runways late last year. I obviously wasn’t the only one that noticed these biker-style boots, because just a few months later Mr. Madden with his ‘Seryna’, which are startlingly similar.

The McQueen boots will set your wallet back around $1,159. While the Madden versions are a mere $129.95. I’d be struggling to point out too many other differences, and since I know these precious boots will only get around a dozen days on sunshine I am learning towards the Maddens. Naturally.


Blicious said...

wow!!!! go Madden! hehe


Mary Margaret said...

get them! i so would but i already have toooo many pairs of black ankle boots. i think like 5 at last count

Yazmin <3 said...

I got the same exact shoes for $35 at TRAFFIC SHOES. They are amazing! It was honestly love at first sight.