Friday, September 18, 2009

NYFW Bonus: Kors, Kors & More Kors!

Truth be told for the past 3 years I have been obsessed with watching the Michael Kors Runway show held in NY. Those 15 minutes of fashion are enough to put me in slight euphoria state. Yet this year during the debut of MK Spring 2010 - I was strolling the streets of Toronto (not sad). So as soon as my feet hit solid US soil I was on track in finding out what I had missed, being sure not to spoil of a minute of it by seeing glimpses too soon.
Last night was my calming I viewed the 15 minutes of heaven from the comfort of my living room. Not breathing or looking away for a split second. I must say, I adore MK (if you didn’t know) but his spontaneity never seizes to amaze me. This is probably one of his most eclectic shows, I am still in awe.

Above are a few of my favorite pieces… now if only that teal strapless dress could walk its way into my closet.


Ashlee said...

You have a great eye for fashion, I love your picks

Blicious said...

love, Love, LOVE! gorgeous!