Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Whine

There is nothing comparable to a good cooked meal, a good meal with a superb glass of wine is even better. This year I have been doing a lot of wine tasting. To see what I prefer when cooking a select meal. So I am constantly trying new wines, red or white. In the past I typically favored white wines, largely Pinot Grigio but my palate has altered. Out of my top three, two of my favorites are now reds.
I enjoy hearing recommendations of new things to try so here is my recommended list below. If you are a wine enthusiast as I am - I insist you try these few.

Franic Coppola, Claret

Da Vinci, Chianti

Santa Margherita, Pinot Grigio


Jen said...

I loooooooove DaVinci wine!

Anonymous said...

If you like Santa Margherita, you might want to try Maso Canali Pinot Grigio. It's usually about $5 less, and I think it's a much better wine. I agree with Jen - I love Da Vinci too! I think they make a Pinot Grigio also.

Anonymous said...

These are all great wines, I recommend trying a Friuli Grave Merlot 2006 - very tasteful.