Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh My Marc Jacobs

Any devoted Marc Jacobs fan knows about the exclusive special items-- those generally cheap, kitschy, and cute little trinkets that can be found at any Marc by Marc store (and on eBay, "MARC-ed" up of course). You can pretty much go in, scoop up a couple rhinestone rings, a tote, and a book, and walk out of the store having only spent $40. The best part of this entire scenario? You get the iconic Marc Jacobs carrier bag, so the rest of the world knows you shop at stores that garner a Yelp rating of $$$, which may lead them to believe you are a successful human being (or just connected to one).

All kidding aside though, I love that the stores sell these items- it gives me a reason to wander through the racks, make a mental wishlist of everything I want but can't have, and then drown my sorrows in $1 keychains and $3 fingerless gloves.


Anonymous said...

My favorite pieces from the special items is definitely the heart shaped gemstone necklace.

Nubiasnonsense said...

Those denim bags look very appealing =)