Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Designer of Au79, Meet Lauren Monteagudo

When it comes to jewelry a girl can't have enough. For me I love the thought of a sentimental piece, but with most of my items being off-the wall purchases I confess when I spot something different it usually comes home with me. So when I came across Au79 last week I couldn't help but fall in love.
Once I started reading about Au79 I had to find out who the lovey lady behind this wonderful jewelry line was.
Lauren Monteagudo is her name & even better she just happens to be from Miami (so yes I adore Au79 even MORE!) The jewelry line, smart yet stylish, is a representation of its customer, a true opportunist who achieves her own goals and enjoys the finer things in life. This brand can be worn by all women who know the value of themselves and know that nothing but the best is the only option.

So I had to ask my Designer Fill-in-Blanks, this lady was too cool to pass up!

First thing I do when I wake up is, twitter!
My favorite spot in my house is my closet
Growing up my nickname was Monte
My comfort food is sushi
I feel my best when wearing Louboutins ( KL: Who doesn't?)
My biggest splurge is my collection, my cheapest find prada bag on sale for $300
Color I wear the most pink neon!

When I am sick I, drink smoothies
My first job was intern for Tricia Fix
I am originally from Miami, but now live in Miami
I have had my moms Gucci vintage set forever
My closet is a party
Shoes make me smile always.
The last book I read was Twilight, the best book Twilight
Underwear? Hanky Panky

Ideal dinner party guest Rachel Zoe
Birthday (no year required) January 30
Best vacation spot Cove in Atlantis
Shoe size: 8 1/2
Best color combo black and gold
Favorite piece of jewelry AU79 wrap (KL: Of course!)
Sweet or salty? salty
Coffee or tea from Coffee from Starbucks
Biggest fashion icons Rachel Zoe and Kate Moss

“Regardless of your profession, it matters what you stand for,” Monteagudo said. “From the doctor wearing it under her scrubs, to the hot, young PR girl working the red carpet, to the fashionista layering tons of bracelets for dinner and drinks with the girls.”

My inspiration comes from my goals
Summer or winter? Summer
My desk drawer is full of pens
I can’t leave home without my Ray bans
There is always receipts in my purse.

Always risk, Never lose

Au79’s signature symbol is the shovel. The unique shovel charm, available in each collection, represents empowerment and strength. It is a symbol for women who work hard and get their own hands dirty to dig up what they want. Au79 is for the go-getter not the gold-digger.

The symbol is reflected in necklaces, bracelets and rings with the double-finger shovel ring highest in demand.

“She’s not sitting around waiting for things to happen,” Monteagudo said. “She’s out there making them happen.”

The Opportunist Collection features 12 select pieces retailing from $300 to $2000. For more information on Au79 please visit www.thegoldshovel.com - let them know you read it on theKcloset!


Anonymous said...

Your amazing lauren.
Your line is going to be a huge success. I wish you the best!
AU79 ROCKS!!!!
Karina Atala

Leitia said...

this is awesome Krysta! Love all the designers you feature

Tina said...

great great great line! and has mad Miami love.

Meli said...

ay mami, write me an article on this. need for Sept mag in print

besos xo