Friday, June 12, 2009

Few of My Favorite Things

After the hectic, crazy week its good to remember all the things I truly adore or that simply make me smile...

1. not setting my alarm clock
2. Hot Air Balloons (always wanted to go UP in one!)
3. hearing people laugh
4. my moms billy joel albums
8. dancing in the kitchen
9. wine. any kind. any place.
10. inside jokes
11. smell of the ocean
12. getting cards in the mail, for no reason
13. cupcakes
14. new shoes, always
15. my friends and family

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

great photos i love all ur things.

Torry said...

Aww... Dancing in the kitchen is priceless!!!


I love it!!!

Tina said...

you forgot sushi!