Wednesday, March 4, 2009

not your boyfriends jeans

After my post yesterday about the stressed denim I got a couple of questions about the ‘boyfriend’ trend… and of course I couldn’t help I had to share my thoughts. This is a trend that either works for you or doesn’t, I personally am a fan. But I can also see how some may not be so into this style, if it’s not coordinated right it can look sloppy.Katie Holmes is a huge trendsetter who started the boyfriend jeans a while ago. But many others have picked up along the way. Even Victoria Beckham couldn’t stay away from the addictive boyfriend denim!

Mila Kunis pulls the look off great with shorts and great necklaces.
Ms. LiLo adds something different putting 4inch heals with her boyfriend denim – which I might be trying this weekend.
I came across these great Current Elliott Boyfriend Jeans, even a little stressed. I think these are great for running errands.

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The Shopaholic said...

Olala ! Un jean boyfriend, j'aimerais tellement en avoir !!
Je cherche encore le mien ;)
J'adore la façon de le porter de Posh. Et Katie Holmes et superbe également. :)