Thursday, March 19, 2009

Feature Writer: Roma DeCareau

Every now and again you meet someone that has the same passion for fashion as you do. Roma just happens to love writing as well. So to give her a taste of being a fashion blogger she's agreed to Spotlight for me for the next couple of weeks.

I’m new to fashion writing, but I’ve been a lover of fashion all my life. My belief is that if you keep a classic wardrobe as your base there is nothing wrong with following the trends. I try to splurge only on the things know I’ll wear forever, but the trick is to add in a few inexpensive items so that you always stay fresh and current. I’ve lived all over the East Coast, but I’m fairly new to the Southern Florida scene. I completely adore the kicked back, relaxed lifestyle that year round warm weather allows. I’m a girl who is just as comfortable in a couture gown as a tank top and flip-flops. I divide my spare time between long days at the beach and marathon trips to the mall. I also enjoy reading and tend to devour a good book in a matter of hours, especially when combined with a bubble bath and a nice glass of Cabernet. One of my favorite hobbies is gourmet cooking and I’ve discovered that a trip to the Farmer’s Market can be just as exciting as a trip to Saks – well, almost…

Check in every Saturday from now till end of April for articles written by Roma. & tomorrow for her fill in the blanks!

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Ash said...

Hi Roma!

Welcome to thekcloset, im sure you'll love it here. we all do - cant wait to read your post