Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2-3 business days

Last night I decided to tackle my new closet, since I moved in it has been haunting me. I’m thrilled about the large space, the built in drawers and all the storage room, organizing it to my liking is the frightening part.

After getting all my clothes, shoes and handbags near where I want them to stay I decided that I couldn’t do this alone. I visited and found some great storage tips and trick I plan on using! Check out this great belt rack, I bought two.

Once I discovered that my closet was not going to be an accomplished mission until I receive my findings from, I figured I try out the bathroom. I used these cute little soap dishes I found at a thrift store for my ‘daily’ jewelry. But then I found this:
So I guess I just have to deal with the disaster for another 2-3 business days. haha

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