Friday, February 6, 2009

tag your it!

So I been tagged by the very amazing Leita (Thank You darling!), so here it is.

Describe your personal style:
I think I'm still figuring that out, I’d have to say vintage glam, sometime rock n’ roll. I don’t have a style, if I like it I wear it

What are the staples in your wardrobe?
fitted jean jacket, all my scarves, black stilettos, vintage jewelry

What's your signature look?
black tights, long shirt, 5’ heels, tons of jewelry & Valentina tote OR TR jeans, juicy flats, belt & white button down tee

What inspires you?
For the moment, photography, Paris & New York, turquoise stones, Andy Warhol, vintage DVF, the color red

Who is your fashion muse?
Michael Kors, Audrey Hepburn, Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen, Kate Moss & loving Rachel Zoe

Favorite purchase of all time.
Currently: Black velvet jacket Always: Michael Kors tote

Biggest splurge?Louis Vuitton denim Speedy tote (But soon to be Christian Louboutin’s or Chanel 2.55 bag)

What's your beauty routine?
Blow dried hair usually down, sometimes up. Make up: bronzer, mascara & burts bee lip blam. Short painted nails

What jewelry do you never take off?
My jewelry changes everyday… it’s my obsession

What are you wishing for?
Success & lots of traveling

What are your obsessions?
Style, New York, Reading, Music, Movies, Photography, Traveling.

Have a wonderful weekend darlings!
Going consignment shopping tomorrow AM - let's see what I find :)

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Ash said...

aw i love this! I love hearing where you obtain your style from.