Thursday, February 26, 2009

mirror, mirror

As a young girl I always receive hand held mirrors or pocket mirrors as presents. I never understood the significance until lately. A dear coworker of mine gave her resignation 2 weeks ago. So today being her last day a group of us decided to buy her something nice for her new office. It dawned on me that not only do little girls need mirrors. As we grow up a nice mirror is still a wonderful object to have around. If you have it at the bottom of your purse, somewhere in your car or desk drawer at the office (*hint hint). It’s something every woman should have lying around.

I realized how many I have, but I know plenty of women who don’t carry a mirror so I found these cute little delights.

Purple Heart - Compact, $14.99
Fun and fabulous heart shaped compact mirrors are a must-have!

Compact Mirror & Terry Case, $68 Heart-shaped "I am the fairest" mirror with link chain, logo charms, and heart-shaped clip.

Serendipity Compact Mirror, Brighton $28.00

1 comment:

Ashlee said...

so true never thought about it. i think i have a mirror in each purse.

these are cute!