Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to extend the life of your new lingerie!

I’m sure we all have pretty bras & panties lying around after this past weekend’s holiday; and no idea on how to care for them. Before you stick them in the dryer with your sweaters listen up ladies!

Lacy anything is a pain in the drain when it comes to washing them- one tough pull and they can fall to pieces. The good news is that proper care doesn’t mean hand washing anymore. Most new washing machines have a gentle cycle, try that but without using detergents that contain bleach. (Avoid bleach at all cost). Using a product like Bare Necessities,
Forever New will extend the color and life of your silky garments. As well try and remember to place delicates in a lingerie bag to help them from tumbles of washing. Always keep in mind to clasp bras before placing in them inside the bag so the hooks don’t rip or snag other items.

An extra good tip, even though I doubt you want your pretty bras & panties lying around your casa is to air-dry them. Dryers cook residual soap into fabrics, causing them to lose color and deteriorate faster.

Who says we can only wear them on special occasions? You pray a pricey penny for that cute little number, spice things up - wear it tonight!

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