Monday, January 26, 2009

$990 Jeans, for men?

I don’t generally report on men’s fashion but I felt obligated to share this ridiculous and outrageous piece of fashion news with you. Tom Ford's new jeans, which are in stores now have a fancy price tag of $990!

Now I know you don't expect denim from the man who makes $9,000 fur boots to cost less? But I must say this is a little much. Enough though they're made from raw-looking pre-washed Japanese selvage denim and won't shrink or shed indigo on any of your favorite undershirts. It's the least they could do for nearly $1’000, don’t you think? The front button is 18-karat gold plated, and the pockets are lined with fine silk. I still don’t think this should be on any

man’s wish list. What are you looking for bragging rights?

1 comment:

Gio said...

Id rock these bitches if I had $990 to buy them