Monday, December 1, 2008

My Organic Obsession

So I have a complete new obsession... pure & natural organic soap. It started off with trying the hand soap in my bathroom, I found myself washing my hands more than ever because I loved the smell and how soft it made my skin. One thing lead to another and I discovered the body wash! I can't begin to explain to you how I adore this product. (And this is coming from someone who at one time had over 20 different products in her shower!) The smells are fantastic. I've tried them all from bar soap to the body wash. It's all natural & wonderful for your skin. It's hypo-allergenic as well.

I suggest you try it out... and to help make your decision a little easier check out there website for $1 off coupon!
Enjoy! Of course, I purchased all these items at Target.

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