Monday, December 8, 2008

Face having a dull day?

Originas Never A Dull Moment® Skin-brightening face polisher with fruit enzymes is AMAZING. I've been using it 2 times a week for the past month, and I feel that my skin has never been fresher. During the winter months your skin tends to get dried out and look dull over time.

"Top layers of cells are evenly aligned, skin reflects light, shows a youthful glow. But over time, cells become sluggish and ragged. Light scatters. The result is strictly dullsville. Finely ground
Apricot and Mango seeds plus nature’s potent extract from Papaya , dissolves lackluster skin cells and gobbles them up with no irritating friction and polishes skin to perfection. Skin beams with youthful exuberance. Looks radiant, innocent, untarnished by time or the elements. " -

Never a Dull Moment® face polisher is ideal for all skin types. And perfect for all months! $25 / 4.4 oz

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