Monday, October 13, 2008

whats in your bag?

I always thought you could tell a lot about a woman by what she had in her purse but I had no idea of the interest others had in the same subject.

In recent conversation with my friend Jon, he asked me. “What do you women carry in those huge bags?” Other than the fact I could fit a small child in my purse, I had to laugh at the question. Then answer it. So I thought to myself, what does everyone else carry?

I want to know what it’s YOUR PURSE… so spill it girls!So what is in my bag?

-Purse is Valentina- it is the most wonderful purse and I love it. Probably wear it too often. But everything always fits.
-Pink & green Marzia wallet – bright colors so I can always find it.
-Stiletto journal – small and useful for jotting shopping list or random thoughts
-Louis Vuitton key chain & keys – makes my keys so much more accessible.
-Gucci red sunglasses & case
-Burt’s Bee Lip Balm with Pomegranate & 45 SPF
-A pen engraved with my name, a sharpie, a highlighter and pencil.
-Cell phone – Palm Treo
-MAC compact, mascara, 3 lipsticks, 2 lip liners & eye liner
-Key card for work
-My business card holder which holds . . . my business cards ;)
-Nail file & nail clippers. No idea why
-A zip drive - I'm a geek.
-My Jordi Labanda notebook in which I write ideas, blog topics & ripped out magazine articles
-Point and shoot camera
-Dental toothpicks
-Birth control
-Crystal Light raspberry flavor for bottle water
-Tons of lose change
-Valentino V Perfume
-Thank card to send for my roomie

So - how brave are you? Are you willing to dump the contents of your purse for all to see?


Anonymous said...

Cute post!

My purse isn't large size but I still manage to carry a decent amount it in.

cole hann wallet
dior sunglasses & case
bobbi brown powder & lip stick
contact lense case
keys - car, home & work
check book
coin purse
cell phone aka crackberry
& my ipod

:) Angs

Anonymous said...

i cant fit that much stuff in an overnight bag!! and you carry it around? god bless the designers who double re-inforce your purses... i'd be carrying a Hefty Bag with a Gucci sticker on it!