Friday, October 17, 2008

something old, something new?

One night, while relaxing and planning to have an eventful evening with my bottle of wine & DVD player. I couldn't help but to notice my closet. It was seriously 5seconds from exploding all over my room. On whim I decided to clean house. I took every article out of my closet and choose only to put back what I loved, couldn't live without and the essentials. After realizing that I had 3 garbage bags full of practically brand new clothes sitting my floor ready to be tossed - I thought to myself. I spend a lot of money on nice, designer clothes. Usually my donations end up in Caitlin's closet - but the ones that don't maybe I can eBay them? The problem with eBay is that it takes a lot of time, and you usually don't get what the item is worth.
Next best option - a consignment shop! I hadn't been to one in years. A nice, clean one at least. So I did my research and hauled over all my left overs. The owner was shocked! She couldn't believe the items I called old. Nerveless it was a good decision on my part. A month later I picked up a check, some of my items are still there waiting new homes :) The ones that don't, I told them to donate to charity. But I've def made my money back on the leftovers.
Consignment shop rules:

- Find a reliable, clean, upscale consignment shop. Call ahead, ask what designers/brand they look for. Ask about their rules on past seasons, etc. Ask what percentage they take, most 50% some 60%.

- Separate your items. See what pieces you have that are designer. Make sure the store notes that, and always compromise on a price to sell with the store. Speak up, they will listen, they want to make money too! Next, make note of the name brand items take what you can get for these. Items like old tshirts, sweatpants & jeans donate to Goodwill the tax deduction is greater than what you'll get from any store.

- Clean it up! The nicer your clothes look, the more moola you'll get. Dry clean pants, shirts, and have dresses steamed. It's worth it in the end, trust me. *Bring your items in on hangers, it's all in the presentation.

Good luck! Always check out the store while you're there - never know what you could find.

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