Thursday, October 2, 2008

packing. packing. packing.

This weekend my stilettos, Vera Wang & I are headed to a wedding. I consider myself a very organized and prepared person for the most part. It's something about packing that I despise. I don't know if it's the fact that I have to plan out a weeks worth of outfits in one given sitting or it the hunting thru my closet part that scares me. Either way I love vacations but I can do without the packing.
Last night around 8:00pm I decided that it was pretty much either now or never that I pack. Usually, I try and plan out my outfits ahead of time - but I've found that doing that only leads me to bringing more. (If I pack 2 days in advance, that is 48hrs to rethink everything I'm bringing. haha) Last night I laid out 2 outfits per day, planning on mixing & matching items of course. I was so relived 2 hours later I had made all my final decisions. Ha, never to think that the next part - toiletries woudl be hell.
After realizing that all my make up bags we're being used for storage of make up and products that I no longer use on a daily basis - I made a run for Target! I must of sat and ran thru my daily routine 10x's in my head making sure not to miss an eyeshadow, lotion or creme! But I packed it all, and thanks to these wonderful make up totes by Sonia Kashuk. Everything fits, and I love the colors!

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