Tuesday, October 14, 2008

im going to D I E.

What did we do on Tuesday night at 10pm, prior to Rachel Zoe? Bravo gave us this sweet little reality show called ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ - I honestly can’t remember. As we all know I am completely obsessed with her and the Camp Zoe crew. As our love grew for Rachel, Tuesday after Tuesday I am only left to wonder what’s next.

So we bid adieu to one of our favorite TV pleasures for now. For very high hopes that they return with a new fashion forward season, I already can’t wait!

“Oscar week is the busiest time of year for Rachel Zoe, and all emotions are running high. Taylor finally breaks and gives Rachel an ultimatum. She gets a third assistant to do Brad’s job so Brad can continue to be Rachel’s gal pal.” - bravotv.com

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