Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hickey Collection

I believe it is time to bring mens fashion into this blog so let me enrapture you with my new discovery. As I was enjoying my shopping experience in Soho this week I stumbled upon the most delectable designer who, though it might come as a shock I was not familiar with. This probably because I haven't seen it down here. The Hickey collection is rooted in the quality that has defined Hickey Freeman for more then 100 years and features a distinct sense of humor and personality. This is combined with exquisite modern tailoring. Your average retail for a mans tee shirt is about 95$ up to 2,000$ for other fine garments. Ohhh by the way this isn't found at your local mall either. You will need to go to fine department stores or the Hickey boutique I have so nicely pictured.
- J. Poole

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