Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One Hundred. Obessed.

Fashionista’s, your field guide has finally arrived. While Nina Garcia’s "Little Black Book of Style" was an entertaining read (that forced me to re-evaluate my closet), this new style reference book brings it to a whole new level. As one of the judges on "Project Runway," Nina Garcia knows a thing or two about style, so I was truly excited to see what she had to say.

I literally had to pry this book away from the hands of my fellow style mavens in order to write this review. It’s addictive, chock full of sage advice and entertaining. Full color illustrations by Ruben Toledo (who also illustrated for Nina’s other book) also have to be noted as reason enough to own this book.

So what is this book about? Simply put, it is the 100 key items that Nina suggests that every stylish woman should own. Sounds daunting? Not really…#26 Denim Jacket, #94 Watch, #22 Converse; if you even have a vague interest in fashion, chances are that you already own a number of items on her list. Some of Nina’s suggested items are definitely on my wishlist (#69 Pucci!), but otherwise, I was surprised to find that I already own many pieces listed in "The One Hundred."

Not only does Nina give you sound advice on what key items to invest in, but she also gives her expert opinion on the best labels to invest in. Nina is great too because she is all about mixing high and low ($5 white Hanes t-shirts with a fitted Chanel suit, for example). Fun fashion facts are also sprinkled through this hard-to-put-down handbook to keep things interesting (like, did you know that a bottle of Chanel No. 5 is sold every 30 seconds?).

So even if you think that you are totally in the know about fashion, this book will have you thinking twice about your own personal style. And wouldn’t you know it; Nina has me rummaging through my closet again. Just beware; you may find yourself rushing out to buy all of the wrap dresses, spanx and bangles you can get your hands on. You’ve been warned!

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