Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ohh the Hills.

The fourth season of The Hills premiered last night, with Caitlin and my bottle of wine in tow I was ready. As expected it was full of drama. Lauren went on a date with a fratty, hott new face guy named Doug, supposed to be a big deal since she hasn’t been much on the dating scene since beau Brody Jenner; they seem to hit it off. After her "successful" date with Doug, Lauren invited him to Audrina’s birthday party she and Lo were throwing at their new casa, and that is when things got interesting.

The pool party appeared to be going smoothly, with Audrina inviting all of the mall punks she could find between the Hollywood Hills and Oceanside. Lauren's love interest Doug stopped by with the ubiquitous friend-of-guy, Frankie. However, things were not all rainbows for Lo, who began pouting because she doesn't know Audrina's friends and didn't think Audrina was "reciprocating" all of Lauren and Lo's efforts to make the party a smash success. (blahhhh!)

After the party was over, Lo confronted Audrina about the issues in their non-friendship. Unfortunately for Lo, Audrina didn't seem interested in pretending to have a friendship with her, especially since Lo grabbed every opportunity to be as passive aggressive and bitchy as she could be. The talk ended with Audrina telling Lo, "We’ll never be friends." Audrina was right on this one: not everyone needs to be friends with her, especially if one person feels the need to bring their middle school-level of bitchiness to every interaction they have. (Not, a fan of Lo)

And of course we can’t forget the ever lovely, Heidi. Apparently her sister Holly the most un-Hollywood person I’ve seen on the show to date, is planning on ‘staying’ with the Mr. & Mrs. Pratt for an indefinite amount of time. (Poor, Spencer he wasn’t aware of Heidi’s POA). Serves him right.

But welcome to the Hills! It looks like it’s going to be an amazing season.

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